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Famous Portraits on the Stamps of Israel

The way this game works is simple! Pick a category from the list below. Then you will be shown a screen JAM-PACKED with pictures of famous people on Israeli stamps. Try to guess who each one of them is, then click the stamp to find out if you're right! Plus, you'll learn more about that person. It's that easy.

Famous Women

Political leaders

Zionists...the builders of Israel


Rabbinical Portraits

Heroic Lives


Performing Arts

Great Thinkers




Biographies come from several locations, including The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia. C. Roth and G. Wigoder, eds., Doubleday and Co., Garden City, NY, 1970, The Philatelic Division of the Israel Postal Authority, and others where noted. Not in a "gaming" mood...click here just to see a list of stamps without biographies. If you have any additions or comments about any of the biographies, please let me know.


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