Bronislaw Huberman and Arturo Toscanini

This stamp pair was produced in commemeration of the 50th anniversary of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Both Bronislaw Huberman and Arturo Toscanini played important roles in the founding and development of the orchestra.
Huberman, born in 1882 in Poland, was a child prodigy at the violin, travelling around the world giving performances from the age of 11. His interest in Zionism caused him to travel Europe seeking musicians who would soon form his Palestine Orchestra. Now the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, it has a wonderful reputation, counted among the world's "top ten", and considered "Israel's finest cultural ambassador".
Toscanini, born in Italy, was a strong anti-fascist and anti-Nazi. He fervently supported the Zionist cause and inaugurated the Israel Philharmonic as its conductor.