Enzo Chaim Sereni (1905-1944)

Enzo Sereni was born in Italy and after a youth of Zionist involvement, he came to Israel in 1927. He was active in the Kibbutz movement, and also travelled abroad to encourage contributions for the Zionist movement. Sereni preached non-violence in relations with Arab neighbors. However, the events of World War II deeply influenced him and he volunteered for the British army where he served in intelligence units and established contact with Italian prisoners of war. Enzo Sereni was one of the initiators of the plan to parachute agents into Europe. On May 15th, 1944 he was parachuted into the German lines, where he was captured. He was put to death in Dachau on November 18th, 1944.
Enzo Sereni, a cultured man, was very learned, a great liguist, and a deep and original thinker. He was also very much a man of action, a brave and daring initiator, with a personal charm that made him numerous friends.
The book, "The Holy Spring", contains a selection of speeches and his own book, "The Sources of Italian Fascism", was publilshed posthumously.
Kibbutz Nezer Sereni was named in memory of Enzo Sereni.

Biography written by M. Savaldi and was taken from the brochure of the Philatelic Service of the Israel Postal Authority.